The retro elements of this replica watches

The Milgauss was the first wrist replica watches to have a wrought-iron ring surrounding the movement inside the case. Based on the principles of a Faraday cage, the case structure protected the movement from magnetic fields, which set the Milgauss apart from other models of the time.

Milgauss was developed with a clear purpose: to serve in a professional environment in an era of rapid industrial development. Manufactured by Rolex in 1958, the Milgauss was replica watches designed for engineers, doctors and scientists forced to work in power plants and other replica watches facilities with strong magnetic fields.

It is believed that only about 200 of the Milgauss reference 6541 were produced by Rolex replica watches, which is one of the reasons why the watch is so rare and so attractive to true collectors. In addition to the wrought-iron ring surrounding the movement, the Milgauss 6541 features a classic heirloom dial, a rotating bezel and a lightning-shaped seconds hand. This combination gives the watch a sporty feel replica uhren, but is not to be confused with the Submariner of the same period.

In the first stage, the Milgauss inscription on the dial is red, matching the red triangle indication on the bezel. However, the lettering fades to pink over time, further adding to the vintage aspect of this replica watches. This is why this replica watches also called "Pink Milgauss" by the auction house.